Erik S Leib Design


Dividend is an enterprise financial application designed to help financial advisors manage their client relationships.


Dividend is an enterprise application designed to help financial advisors manage their client relationships.


My role on this project was to provide UX/UI design for the portion of the app focused on managing email communications with clients.

This piece of the app uses an AI recommendation system in order to help advisors send more relevant emails to their clients. More relevant email communications in turn lead to better relationships and additional revenue for advisors. The problem was that the previous experience did not communicate to advisors how they could meet their firm wide communication goals, and how meeting their goals would benefit them.


Key Learnings

  1. Advisors generally don’t want to spend a lot of time on email communications, because they have other important daily tasks.

  2. Each advisor runs his or her own business differently from the next, so the experience needs to be flexible enough to meet the demands of everyone and their working styles.

  3. Advisors are VERY concerned with “spamming” clients with sales emails on a frequent basis. They need to be able to quickly double check their interactions with specific clients before sending any email communication, in order to determine the relevancy.


  1. Incorporate AI communication recommendations into an easy to use and goal driven interface.

  2. Provide a responsive experience for all screen types and advisor styles.

  3. Allow quick access to detailed client interaction info from anywhere, so users can determine validity of recommended communications.


The email engagement dashboard was designed to quickly show the advisor’s progress towards meeting the monthly email communication goal, while also highlighting the ability of the AI to recommend communications that would help users reach this goal.

This allows users to very quickly see what email communications they can send that will have a direct impact on their goal of reaching every client in their book each month.

The dashboard was also built with a mobile first approach, which allowed me create a clear hierarchy of information on the page.

Access to the Client Book is also ever present on mobile and desktop versions of the app in this design.


Providing quick access to detailed client info from anywhere in the process of sending an email is key for advisors in confirming the relevance of a recommended communication. This flow illustrates the how users can enter the ever present “Client Book,” conduct a quick search, and find the pertinent info on previously recorded interactions. Users can then simply close the client profile and return to sending the email.


The client book experience then needed to be translated across multiple device sizes with the same simplicity and interaction patterns. This consistency gives advisors the flexibility to manage their email communications in whichever way best fits their specific business needs.

  • In the desktop version of Dividend, the client book is expanded by default, allowing users to perform a quick search with a single click. The client book can also be collapsed in order to expand the workspace.

  • The tablet design shows the client book collapsed by default so users can focus on their email engagement. This expandable tab persists throughout most pages within the app.

  • The client book is accessed from an ever present floating action button on mobile. When selected, the client book takes over the entire screen, allowing the user to focus on his or her search.



Dividend is a representation of proprietary work completed for a financial client while working at POW Interactive. My work on this project has lead to increased adoption among financial advisors of the AI recommended email communication system across the country, and has contributed to an increase in assets under management for clients who have received these emails.